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MD&A’s Gas Turbines Services project managers and technical directors are seasoned professionals with a broad range of experiences whose skill sets cover both common and unique makes and models of turbo machinery from around the world.

Our specialized services range from Combustion, Hot Gas Path, and Major Inspections, as well as, Compressor & Turbine Rotor Repairs to Plant Performance Testing and Analysis. Our capabilities also include providing gas turbine internal alignment, along with vibration analysis and balance (low-speed & high-speed.)

We offer full capabilities for your gas turbine rotor maintenance/ repair and rotor life assessment. Our engineers strictly follow effective, time-tested principles that produce sound and superior repair solutions.

Our Gas Turbine Rotor Repair Capabilities Include:

  • Rotor De-stack/ Re-stack with Elevator system
  • Bucket / Blade Replacement
  • Compressor Blade Blending & Replacement
  • Turbine Wheel Repair & Replacement
  • Compressor Disk Repair & Replacement
  • Full Rotor NDE & Analysis
  • Rotor Life Extension & Assessment
  • Rotor & Coupling Machining
  • Casing & Housing Repairs

MD&A puede realizar inspecciones y reparaciones de generadores de turbina de gas.  Nuestros expertos en generadores han diseñado soluciones para diversos problemas de flotas en deterioro; por ejemplo, la reparación de la migración del resorte del generador 7FH2 y la limpieza de los sistemas de devanado del extremo del estátor del 7FH2 y 324.

MD&A Parts Division is a premier worldwide supplier of replacement new and refurbished gas capital and consumable parts.  MD&A Bearings, Seals, and Hydraulics Division specializes in gas turbine and generator bearings repairs, along with Rexroth® hydraulic actuators.

Our Gas Turbine Parts Service Facilities, San Antonio Service Center and Houson Service Center are industry leaders in gas turbine component repair and offers gas turbine parts such as 7FA parts, 7EA parts, and V class parts.  Our facility and team have leading-edge equipment and repair techniques with proven expertise on multiple-frame gas turbine hot gas path and combustion components. With over 20+ years of experience in evaluating the life-limiting factors for Gas Turbine components our Gas Turbine Parts Service Facilities are customer focused, one stop shops. MD&A offers new part manufacturing of Frame 7EA and 7FA.03 HGP and combustion components. We also have experience in Advanced Gas Path and Single Crystal (SX) Repairs.

MD&A Fuel Nozzle Services, is a worldwide leader in the repair and refurbishment of Multiple-Frame gas turbine fuel nozzles, including standard, Multi-Nozzle Quiet Combustor (MNQC) and Dry Low NOx System (DLN) 1.0, 2.0 and 2.6 for industrial and power generation customers. Our advanced engineering expertise combined with leading-edge equipment delivers reliable, extended life of new or refurbished fuel nozzle products.

Lastly, our Turbine and Generator Controls Division provides expertise to service or retrofit turbine control and generator excitation systems and their auxiliaries.  We specialize in custom solutions and independent advice based on individual gas turbine requirements from electronics to systems maintenance.

Startup Services

  • Valve & Inlet Guide Vane Calibration
  • Dry Low NOx & Wet Low NOx Tuning
  • Auxiliary Systems Lineup and Startup Tuning

Consultation & Training Services

  • Owner’s Engineer
  • Capacitación de Operador/Técnico personalizada

Support/Replacement Services

  • Control System Upgrades
  • System ‘Recommissioning’
  • Electromechanical Actuators
  • Excitation & Static Starter (LCI) Support

Servicios para turbinas de gas

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