Overhaul Gas Turbine Services

Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis (MD&A) provides Gas Turbine Services to power generation plants worldwide. A full-service, OEM-alternative offers products for steam turbines, gas turbines, and generators to our multiple clients.

Planning for major turbine overhauls is important and our experienced team can help coordinate. However, forced outages do transpire and our experts provide fast engineering responses for any issue.

Our Gas Turbine Services professional experts help prepare for both planned and unplanned outages. Our project managers and technical directors are always available to give the necessary technical and engineering support.

Why choose MD&A?

For almost 40 years, our commitment to excellence has earned customer trust for all turbine-generator needs. We focus on delivering consistent quality and value with fast response, superior communications, and innovative solutions.

Es fácil trabajar con MD&A. Ofrecemos acceso inmediato a la ayuda de expertos cuando y donde se necesite. Ya sea a la vuelta de la esquina o en cualquier parte del mundo, aseguramos una comunicación y un seguimiento puntual y completo. En cada reparación, grande o pequeña, la velocidad y efectividad de nuestro equipo de respuesta solo se compara con la minuciosidad y amplitud de nuestra experiencia en ingeniería.

Descubra hoy mismo por qué tantos generadores eléctricos usan MD&A para maximizar la efectividad de su funcionamiento.

The Gas Turbine Services capabilities that we offer include the following:

1.     Technical Direction

We have experienced technical directors and project managers who provide expert assistance in challenging cases of turbine-generator engineering.  These experts can handle complex technical issues in many different types of OEM equipment.

2.     Outage Planning

Through MAPS or Maintenance Advanced Planning Services, our experts evaluate and organize outage activities, to reduce or minimize outage times, getting you back online fast.

3.     Turnkey Inspections

MD&A offers a skilled support team for turnkey installation, maintenance, and gas turbine overhaul services to our clients. Our capabilities range from Combustion inspections to HGP and Major inspections.

4.     End of Life Evaluation

An EOL Evaluation can help decide if component Repair, Replace or Use is the best option for your gas turbine rotor to meet operational and maintenance forecasts.

5.     Gas Turbine Alignment

Our laser alignment services provide a reliable method of measuring and aligning gas turbine components, including alignment of compressor discharge casings and exhaust frames during replacement.

6.     Coupling Laser Alignment

MD&A experts can perform a shaft/coupling alignment with Pruftechnik laser technology. Our experts are skilled at utilizing this technology and use this equipment to perform reliable alignment services for our clients.

7.     Operational Alignment Diagnostics- CMM System

As part of our Gas Turbine Services capabilities the CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine) system measures and monitors large equipment components and their movements precisely.Overhaul Gas Turbine Services

8.     Balancing & Vibration Analysis

Our team of experts uses influence coefficient balance methods to ensure a high-performance level of heavy rotating equipment. We also have our High-Speed balance facility located in St. Louis MO.

9.     Field Machining

For use on-site, our team supplies a range of portable steampath repair and field machining equipment. Our experts have many capabilities available in-shop.

10.     Control and Excitation Field Engineering, Consulting & Training

For gas turbine controls, generator excitation, and auxiliary systems, we have a staff full of OEM-skilled field engineers that handle multiple tasks like technical support, installation, training, consultation, and advanced troubleshooting.

11.      Turbine Foundation Monitoring

MD&A experts use multiple optical and laser measurements altogether in our advanced foundation measurement process to calculate the custom monuments in the turbine foundation.

12.     Turbine System Enhancements

Our experts can handle multiple phases of generator, gas, and steam turbine controls. We often provide targeted improvement in particular available system components to evaluate and enhance overall system performance.

Overhaul Gas Turbine Services

13     Thermographic Survey

Our engineers utilize acoustic techniques and infrared thermography to pinpoint leakages and quantify them as per the industry-accepted standards.

14.     Thermodynamic Analysis

MD&A offers thermodynamic analysis to understand and improve cycle performance.

15.     Center-line Installations

Our team of technical support personnel, craft labor, and project managers have experience in providing affordable center-line installations of the diverse OEM-generated steam turbine-generator sets.

16.     Performance Testing & Analysis

Our Experts look at the overall testing objective of the power plant and provide suitable performance testing and analysis solutions.


All in all, we aim to provide high-quality gas turbine services for our customers and handle multiple issues related to gas turbine overhauls and more. To talk to one of our experts and find out all the services we offer, get in touch with us as soon as possible.


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