Power Plant Generator Services, Repairs & Parts

At Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis (MD&A), we specialize in providing top-notch Power Plant Generator services to power generation plants worldwide. We understand the importance of keeping power plants running smoothly and efficiently, which is why we offer on-schedule assistance and high-quality, cost-effective parts, repairs, and services. Our full-service, OEM-alternative offers products for steam turbines, gas turbines, and generators to multiple clients.

Our mission is to ensure quality customer satisfaction and build trust with our clients, resulting in repeat business. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing quick customer support and professional expertise to our clients. Our response team is always available to assist you, and clients can easily get in touch with us at any time and from any location.

Our MD&A experts are skilled engineers and technicians who provide prompt support and innovative solutions to our clients. Our Turbine and Power Plant Generator services and repairs are quick and efficient, ensuring that your power plant runs smoothly and efficiently. Trust MD&A for all your Power Plant Generator needs, and we will ensure that your power plant is running at optimal performance.


Our Power Plant Generator Services team is made up of trained and skilled experts who have the experience and knowledge to conduct full-scope electrical testing, visual inspections, and specialty tests as per customer requirements. We have a proven track record of successful projects, and our experts approach each challenge with the knowledge and skills gained from these experiences.

Outage Planning  Technical Direction  Turnkey Labor

Outage Planning 

Power plant professionals can manage their tasks, lower outage times, and increase their online time with effective planning. Our workers focus on reviewing the available objectives, performance, and reliability of the unit, and plan the outage schedule for Turbine and Power Plant Generator Services. With Maintenance Advanced Planning Services (MAPS), we compile historical data, fleet data, and OEM recommendations in a final report for the client. 

Technical Direction 

Our project managers and technical directors are experienced professionals who specialize in the many unique and complex areas of turbine-generator engineering.  Many of our TDs have a broad background of experience with many OEM equipment types, enabling them to effectively address even the most complex technical challenges.

Turnkey Labor 

We offer skilled turbine-generator mechanics, supervisors, tools, equipment, and other required services for turnkey installation, maintenance, and overhaul of the Power Plant Generator and turbines. 

Balancing & Vibration Analysis

Our advanced High-Speed Balance Facility based in St. Louis was designed with both vacuum capability and the ability to excite generator rotors at high speed, allowing the testing and balancing of both turbine and Generator rotors.  High-speed balancing has effectively shown to minimize any testing stresses during repairs, ensuring effective usage when returned to operation.

Generator Testing and Inspections 

Our generator specialists perform a comprehensive series of inspections and tests on all stator and field components. Machines are subjected to both electrical tests and visual inspections. The goal of our Generator Specialist is to compile the results from a series of applicable tests that collectively help you make decisions about the necessity and priority of repairs. 

Robotic Generator In-Situ Inspection 

Our generator in-situ inspection robot (called Air Gap-Bot) fully inspects the system without removing the generator field. Leading to shorter outage duration and reduced inspection cost.

It can perform a visual inspection, a stator wedge tightness assessment, and an Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection (ELCID) in order to find possible faults, shorts, material deterioration, and more.

Control and Excitation Field Engineering, Consulting & Training

We have OEM experienced field engineers which provide installation, technical support, advanced troubleshooting, training, and consulting services for gas and steam turbine controls, generator excitation, and auxiliary systems.  

Generator Excitation Retrofits 

In order to enhance the voltage protection and control of the generator, we offer multiple options for turnkey replacement in generator excitation systems. Also, we give customized solutions for brushless, static, and multiple other legacy OEM configurations. 

Operating Surveillance Program 

Our power plant generator experts conduct this program to find the leaks and various issues in generators. This system can work even when the unit is in operation, and usually takes 2-3 days to complete, based on unit complexity and size. 

Turbine System Enhancements 

Our experts conduct targeted improvement in generator system components in order to improve system performance. They offer premium upgrades in generator hydrogen systems, turbine trip manifolds, valve actuators, Overspeed systems, and hydraulic systems.

Turbine Foundation Monitoring 

We combine optical and laser measurements to gauge the custom monuments that are installed in the turbine foundation.

Center-line Installations

Our skilled project managers, craft labor, and technical experts handle center-line installations completely and cost-effectively. These installations include steam turbine-generator sets manufactured by nearly all OEMs.


Aiming to provide efficient, comprehensive overhaul and repair of large utility and industrial power plant generator stators and fields, we are trusted by our clients all over the world. Our facility has two climate-controlled generator clean rooms to accommodate multiple field rewinds at a time.

On-Site Stator Repair  Generator Field Rewinds

On-Site Stator Repair

Our experts provide complete turnkey stator repair services for water-cooled, hydrogen-cooled, and conventionally-cooled generators.  We can perform full Rewinds, Wedge System Upgrades, Flush & Bake Services, and more.

Generator Field Rewinds

In terms of power plant generators, we have experienced and trained winders and technicians in our Turbine-Generator Repair Facility that can accommodate generator field rewinds of any capacity, including large 4-pole nuclear units.  It has two climate-controlled generator clean rooms to accommodate multiple field rewinds at a time. We offer turnkey testing and inspection services and retaining ring change-outs.

Stator Bar Water Leaks (TIL-1098)

As prescribed in the TIL-1098 (Technical Information Letter 1098), our patented Two-Piece Clip aids in handling all possible leakage issues as well as porosity conditions of water-cooled stator bars of General Electric®.

Rotor Slot Dovetail Repair (TIL-1292)

On-site or in our Turbine-Generator Repair Facility, our experts can conduct inspection and repairs for potential cracking or fretting in the generator rotor slot dovetail surfaces, meeting all OEM requirements.

Collector Ring Machining 

On-site or in our Turbine-Generator Repair Facility, our experts can handle collector ring machining, using our single stone process for final honing and polishing. They do the task without removing the generator field from the stator.

High-Voltage Bushings & Auxiliaries

Our team of experts can simultaneously perform disassembly, cleaning, repair, and reconditioning or manufacture new multiple high-voltage bushings.

High-Speed Balance 

High-speed balancing has effectively shown to minimize any testing stresses during generator repairs, ensuring effective usage when returned to operation. Our advanced High-Speed Balance Facility based in St. Louis was designed with both vacuum capability and the ability to excite generator rotors at high speed, allowing the testing and balancing of both turbine and Power Plant Generator rotors.  

Hydrogen Seals & Housings

Trusted by customers for our short-cycle delivery, we can manufacture, modify or repair hydrogen seal rings in order to help with operational issues like excess consumption of hydrogen, extreme seal oil flow, and grounding-caused electrolysis. 

Elliptical Journal 

Our experts can provide assistance to our clients who wish to remove the unwanted side effects of steam whirl or oil whip. We do this through designing, creating, and repairing elliptical bearings. 

Tilt Pad Journal

A tilt pad journal bearing retrofit is an affordable solution for handling the unwanted side-effects of steam whirl or oil whip.

Oil Deflectors 

Trusted by customers for our short-cycle delivery, we offer total oil deflector reconditioning for long-term operational problems from improper oil seal clearances.  


MD&A supplies high-quality power plant generators replacement parts. As a single-source provider, we take a focused approach to our personnel and assets, to provide speedy service to our clients. 

Generator Stator Bars  Collector Rings

Generator Stator Bars

We offer high-quality generator stator bars to our clients so that they can rest assured to continue operation. With MD&A’s highly skilled reverse engineering team, our state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, and premium insulating materials, the stator bars we install will meet or exceed OEM standards.

Collector Rings

MD&A experts can manufacture a variety of designs of collector rings for your generator.  They can reuse the inner shell and replace all other components. 

Hydrogen Seal Rings & Assemblies

Our experts design, manufacture, and repair hydrogen seal rings to handle problems like excessive oil flow or consumption of hydrogen. Our inventory includes insulation components, custom bronze alloys, and garter springs. 

HV Bushings & Auxiliaries

For the steady functioning of Power Plant Generators, our team with years of experience can manufacture new or recondition multiple high-voltage bushings at once.

Insulated Bearing Rings 

With short cycle delivery and an inventory of insulation materials, MD&A experts can provide a total reconditioning option for insulated bearing rings, which can help decrease electrolysis due to grounding.

Generator Retrofits & Replacements

MD&A provides comprehensive generator replacement and retrofit packages, which provide the latest advances in generator technology.

Oil Deflectors 

We offer full reconditioning of this type in the tight oil sealing system to improve its long-term effectiveness. MD&A experts offer full reconditioning of oil deflectors for long-term operational problems from improper oil seal clearances. Moreover, we provide an extensive inventory full of dowels, body bolts, and seal tooth material.  

Miscellaneous Generator Components

Our premium stock of miscellaneous parts for a Power Plant Generator includes hydrogen seals, thermocouples, shaft grounding devices, brushes and holders, springs, sealants, RTDs, RTVs, and gaskets, among others. 


We provide quick service to clients with our stock of multiple washers & nuts, as well as, various types of alloys for bolting and studs.

Legacy Turbine Circuit Boards, Repairs & Service

MD&A Control Systems can supply many different OEM turbine control circuit cards. The cards work to provide modern and reliable replacements.

IBECS® System

With our easily configured HMI, our IBECS® System provides power plant monitoring with many features and benefits.

Power Plant Generator Differentiators

Power Plant Generator differentiators that make us unique:

  • EXPERIENCED: Backed by decades of engineering expertise,  MD&A’s Generator Division has continuously earned customer satisfaction and trust. We operate as a convenient, comprehensive resource of knowledge and equipment devoted to generator technology. 
  • EFFICIENT: Regardless of scope or OEM, and whether your needs are planned or emergent, MD&A’s dedicated professionals take pride in their efficient response, in their knowledge, and in the company they represent. We are committed to your success.
  • FOCUSED: Efficiency and speed are ensured by our lean and logical approach to both assets and personnel.  This focus on ourselves helps us focus on your bottom line.


In conclusion, MD&A is a leading provider of Power Plant Generators services and repairs for power generation plants worldwide. Our commitment to excellence has earned customer trust for all turbine-generator needs. We focus on delivering consistent quality and value with fast response, superior communications, and innovative solutions. We are your full service, OEM-alternative!

For further queries or to begin using our services, call us today!

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